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Ex-AAP Minister Kapil Mishra’s ‘Proof’ Against Arvind Kejriwal In Envelopes: 10 Points

NEW DELHI:  After his threats to expose Arvind Kejriwal, sacked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) minister Kapil Mishra – who was suspended yesterday – went to the CBI today, armed with yellow envelopes that he said were his proof. Those envelopes, he said, had his statements, not clarifying whether that was all he had to show for his allegation that Mr Kejriwal had taken bribe. This morning, he dramatically called Mr Kejriwal his mentor and sought his blessings and “forgiveness” before “the biggest step of my life”.
Here are 10 points on the story:
  1. Mr Kejriwal tweeted last evening that “truth will prevail” and a special one-day sitting of the Delhi assembly today would mark the beginning.
  2. The Chief Minister posted today about a reveal in the assembly about a “big national conspiracy”. Sources indicate the reveal will centre around tampering of Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs.
  3. Kapil Mishra is filing an FIR or First Information Report with the CBI, alleging that he saw Mr Kejriwal take Rs. 2 crore from another minister, Satyendar Jain, at his home last Friday.
  4. Mr Mishra was suspended by the party yesterday, shortly after he dared his leadership to expel him. Today, he challenged Mr Kejriwal to fight him in an election.

  5. He has revealed that he will file two more FIRs – one on “how Mr Jain has benefited close relatives of Mr Kejriwal in illegal land deals”, and another on foreign tours using “illegal money” by AAP leaders including Mr Jain, Ashish Khetan and Sanjay Singh.
  6. Mr Mishra yesterday spoke to the anti-corruption branch or ACB of the Delhi Police, which has been targeted by Mr Kejriwal ever since AAP came to power two years ago.
  7. Despite his public pronouncements, ACB chief Mukesh Meena – whose acrimonious history with Mr Kejriwal and AAP is well-known – denied receiving any formal complaint.
  8. Mr Mishra also said yesterday that Mr Jain had told him about helping Mr Kejriwal’s brother-in-law with a Rs. 50-crore deal.
  9. AAP tore into the former minister for naming Mr Kejriwal’s relative, who died on Monday morning. “Have some humanity. Not even two hours after the cremation, allegations are being made against the person,” said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.
  10. Mr Jain has emphatically denied the allegations and asserted that he was not even present at Mr Kejriwal’s residence on the day he is accused of handing over the cash to the Chief Minister. AAP has accused Mr Mishra of making “baseless and wild allegations” after being sacked as minister over poor performance.