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Confused Between Whiskey and Whisky? Know These Stark Differences

makes for one of the classiest drinks; it’s also known as the gentleman’s drink.  is a distilled c beverage prepared from fermented grain mash.

Did you notice any  between the two lines above? It’s the reference of two spellings of . This isn’t any spelling error, but two different words with different meanings. Yes, you read that right.  and are two distilled  but made differently and also, their types are completely different. We give you a low down of the s between  and

with an ‘e’ is a type of spirit that is distilled from a mash of fermented grains. The types of differ with the different types of grains used in making the drink. that is made in the United States of America or Ireland is generally referred to as with an ‘e’. Tennessee  will be with an ‘e’.

without an ‘e’ is also a type of spirit that is distilled from a mash of fermented grains.  made in Great Britain, Canada and Japan is pronounced as whiskies) without an ‘e’.  So, a Scotch  will be without an ‘e’.

Apart from being geographically different, they have a few mores that you must know-

1. The distillation process

There may be a slight of the distillation processes. s go through the distillation process at least 2-3 times to make it smoother and lighter. While, on the other hand,  may or may not go through 2-3 times of distillation process.

2. The use of peat

It is used in whiskies to dry the malted barley so that it is ready to be malted and mashed.  American and Irish s use wood and other fuels to get the flavour of the drink. It all depends on the type of peat used and the amount of time the barley is left to dry in the peat smoke; this is how it will influence the flavour in the final spirit prepared. On the other hand, it may not be necessary for the  to use only peat. The makers can also use wood or other fuels to give the drink their flavour.

whiskey drink whisky

There may be a slight of the distillation processes

Remember, the regions  belongs to- America, Ireland (they have an ‘e’ in them), while regions belongs to do not have an ‘e’ in them- Scotland (Great Britain), Canada and Japan. That’s how simple it is. Now you would know what  you really want.